How to read whatsapp messages of another number

Reasons for hacking WhatsApp can be both personal and ordinary interest. For example, the most common reason is the jealousy of the wife or husband. Also, interest plays an important role. Man is a very inquisitive creature, so simple interest is also a private cause. The third reason may be the control of the parents over their child. How to read whatsapp messages of another number?

We will talk further about several methods that will help to hack the application without access to the phone. Since it is not always possible for a person to take the phone and read the texts in WhatsApp. 

Gaining access to WhatsApp on Android

Everyone knows that the most difficult to bypass and hack apps through Android, so it is necessary to download additional applications. You can find them in Play Market and install them from the official source. The convenience lies in the fact that basically the program does all the actions for a person. If you don’t understand your device and the functions of the applications, it will be much easier to use special programs. 

The program that will help in hacking WhatsApp is called Whatscan. You can download it from the official source on all Android devices. Algorithm of action:

  • You download the application. 
  • Scan the code that appears on the screen, from a friend’s phone. 
  • After activation, you automatically have access to WhatsApp messages. 

Gaining access to WhatsApp messages on the iPhone

Unfortunately, the application mentioned earlier is not officially available on the iPhone, but there is another mySpy. The application and work with it is exactly the same as with the past. Therefore, there is no need to describe. It is necessary to remember that there is a strong security system on the iPhone, which can block your actions. But despite this risk, some people use this method and get access to SMS in a few minutes, sometimes even seconds. 

The way to read any other people’s WhatsApp correspondence through the computer 

The easiest way is to hack WhatsApp through the pc. To perform the actions, you need to have access to the Internet. Algorithm of action: 

  • Go to the website web.whatsapp.com.
  • Through the phone of the person you want to hack, go to create a chat and open the last option WhatsApp Web. 
  • After just scanning the code, after activation you have the ability to read other people’s WhatsApp correspondence. 

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